Since taking over Beats in 2014, Apple continues to develop its own audio products while refining the Beats brand. That means sometimes Apple is competing against, well, Apple—the Apple AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Buds wrestle in the same true wireless earbud arena. Both sets of true wireless earbuds offer a tray of ear tips and active noise cancellation (ANC). Each headset is more expensive than your typical consumer earphones, but they’re pretty close in price to each other, especially with recent AirPods Pro price drops.

Let’s put them head to head to see whether you should go for the Beats Studio Buds or stick to the tried and true AirPods Pro.

The Beats Studio Buds is more colorful than the AirPods Pro

Beats Studio Buds packaging

Multiple ear tips options ensure a proper fit with the Beats Studio Buds.

The Beats Studio Buds has a vibrant paint job that uniformly finishes the case, earbuds, and ear tips, whether you choose to go with white, black, or red options. At a featherweight 5 grams a piece, the earbuds are light enough that it is easy to forget you’re even wearing them. Without a protruding stem, each earbud is also smaller in comparison to the AirPods Pro.

Maintaining the design philosophy of the original AirPods, the AirPods Pro is only available in glossy white. Unlike the original AirPods, the Pro model seals to the ears for better isolation and sound quality. The stem on each earbud doesn’t protrude very far, though it’s long enough to get caught on a mask which can send the earbuds flying out of your ear.

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Both the Beats Studio Buds and AirPods Pro feature an IPX4 sweat and water resistance rating, so you don’t have to worry about using either of the earbuds outdoors or at the gym. No matter which pair of buds you go with, you get multiple sets of silicone ear tips (small, medium, and large) to choose from for a more custom fit.

How do the controls differ?

The Apple AirPods Pro in a man's left hand against a green background.

The Apple AirPods Pro has indentations to indicate where the touch controls are located.

Small indentations on the earbud stems control the AirPods Pro. Different combinations of squeezes adjust music playback, Siri, and noise cancellation. You can access more controls from the earbuds with a simple “Hey Siri.” The AirPods Pro also has ear detection to automatically pause playback when you take them out and resume playback when you put them back in, though this feature only works on Apple devices. You’ll also need an iOS device if you want to customize the AirPods Pro controls.

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The Beats Studio Buds opt for a clickable button on the side of each earbud for controls, though you can’t adjust volume with the buttons. You can control playback on Apple devices with “Hey Siri,” but the earbuds don’t have ear detection to auto pause/play music. No matter your device, you can edit the Studio Buds’ onboard controls.

The AirPods Pro works better with Apple devices, but the Beats Studio Buds works with Android and iOS

The AirPods Pro has better integration with Apple devices. With an H1 chip, it will auto-connect to all your iCloud devices. Once connected, you can control the earbuds via the control center, or from within the settings app on your Apple devices. You can turn on spatial audio, automatically switch between source devices, take an ear tip fit test, and more, all from within the iOS Settings app.

On Android or Windows devices, the AirPods Pro works the same as traditional Bluetooth headphones: you have to manually put the earbuds into pairing mode to connect them to your device. Once connected, you can customize the functions of the earbuds a little. Thankfully, active noise cancelling and transparency mode work just fine, as they’re controlled by a hard press of the stem.

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On the other hand, the Beats Studio Buds shows Apple is finally willing to play nicely with Android. Using the dedicated Beats app you can toggle between listening modes and customize the controls. The earbuds seamlessly pair to Android devices with a pop-up card, and you can access battery information and find your headphones from within Bluetooth settings.

While the Beats option works better with Android devices, the lack of an H1 or W1 chip means the earbuds don’t offer the same level of integration with Apple devices as the AirPods Pro (no automatic device switching or spatial audio support).

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For the best microphone quality, go with the AirPods Pro

While neither microphone system is intended for professional conference calls or podcasts, both are serviceable for on-the-go calls. The AirPods Pro emphasizes upper-midrange frequencies more than the Beats Studio Buds for better speech intelligibility. Take a listen to both microphone samples below and let us know which one you think sounds better.

Apple AirPods Pro microphone demo:

Beats Studio Buds microphone demo:

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Does the AirPods Pro or Beats Studio Buds have more connectivity options?

Beats Studio Buds pairing

Pairing the Beats Studio Buds to an Android or iOS device is as simple as opening the case.

Both the AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Buds feature the standard SBC Bluetooth codec, as well as AAC for consistent high-quality performance on Apple devices. Neither have support for higher-quality Bluetooth codecs like aptX or LDAC, which isn’t great news for Android listeners since AAC performance varies greatly across Android handsets.

The AirPods Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0, while the Beats Studio Buds uses the upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 firmware. The newer version of Bluetooth is more efficient, so you’ll experience minor improvements to connection strength and battery life. Long term, this means the Studio Buds could see LC3 codec support, whereas this model of the AirPods Pro will not.

Does the AirPods Pro or Beats Studio Buds have better battery life?

The AirPods Pro earbuds in the wireless charging case next to an iPhone and digital camera.

Apple includes wireless charging capabilities by default with its AirPods Pro noise cancelling true wireless earbuds.

The Apple AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Buds offer nearly identical battery life. In our testing of continuous playback at 75dB(SPL) with ANC turned on, the AirPods Pro last 5 hours and 6 minutes while the Beats lasted 4 hours and 24 minutes.

You can get up to 24 hours of total listening time with the AirPods Pro charging case, while the Beats Studio Buds charging case provides an additional two full charges. A Lightning connector charges the AirPods Pro case, while USB-C powers the Beats Studio Buds. The AirPods Pro supports wireless charging, but you’ll be stuck charging the Beats Studio Buds the old-school way.

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Does the AirPods have better noise cancelling than the Beats Studio Buds?

Active noise cancelling performance is slightly better on the Apple AirPods Pro. Low-frequency droning sounds from a plane or train car live between 100-1000Hz, and the AirPods Pro quiets these frequencies to sound half as loud as they would without the earbuds and ANC.  This isn’t the best noise cancelling but it is enough to noticeably reduce annoying transit sounds on your commute.

The Beats Studio Buds can only attenuate ambient frequencies below 1000Hz to sound about one-quarter quieter. It’s not great, but it’s much better than earbuds that lack noise cancelling. Between the two headsets, you’ll notice a greater difference when you toggle ANC on/off with the AirPods Pro than the Beats Studio Buds.

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The silicone ear tips included with the Beats Studio Buds provide slightly better passive isolation than the AirPods Pro, blocking out high frequencies from incidental noise such as the clang of pots and pans.

Apple AirPods Pro vs Beats Studio Buds: Which earphones sound better?

Frequency chart comparing the Beats Studio Buds and Apple AirPods Pro

The Apple AirPods Pro (cyan) has a more neutral sound than the Beats Studio Buds (dotted yellow). The SoundGuys consumer curve (pink) is what we posit as the platonic ideal frequency response for general purpose earbuds.

True to the Beats brand, the Studio Buds amplifies sub-bass and treble notes more than the AirPods Pro. While many of us prefer a sound like this, the sub-bass and treble notes are much louder than the bass and low-mids (200-500Hz) making it difficult to hear vocals through the Beats Studio Buds. Many vocal performances will sound clearer on the AirPods Pro than the Beats Studio Buds because there’s less opportunity for auditory masking.

Neither pair of earbuds come with a custom EQ, so you’re stuck with how one sounds out of the box unless you explore third-party EQ options. If you like energetic hip-hop or EDM, you’ll likely prefer the Beats Studio Buds’ frequency response. If you prefer acoustic or more vocal-oriented music, the more neutral sound of the AirPods Pro is a better fit.

Should you buy the Apple AirPods Pro or Beats Studio Buds?

Beats Studio Buds on desk

The Studio Buds lacks a lot of customization but comes at a more reasonable price.

If you have an Android phone, the choice here is pretty straightforward. The Beats Studio Buds will play nicer with your phone and it’s more affordable than the Apple AirPods Pro. Due to its high cost and limited functionality on non-Apple devices, we don’t recommend the AirPods Pro to Android fans.

Beats Studio Buds
All prices listed in USD unless otherwise specified. Prices may change over time, and vary by region. Unfortunately, we cannot list Amazon prices on the site, as they vary greatly by currency.

For iPhone owners, the choice is a bit more complicated. If you want high-end features like wireless charging, spatial audio, and seamless switching between Apple devices, the AirPods Pro is worth the money. Now that the AirPods Pro often goes on sale for less than $200 USD, the expense is easier to justify for those seeking a premium earbud experience.

Apple AirPods Pro
All prices listed in USD unless otherwise specified. Prices may change over time, and vary by region. Unfortunately, we cannot list Amazon prices on the site, as they vary greatly by currency.

If you don’t care about all the bells and whistles, Apple users can still save a few bucks by going for the Beats Studio Buds. Beats’ earphones cater to those who care about design and portability, and you still get premium features like noise canceling and an IPX4 rating. Regardless of which earbuds you get, you’ll be better off than if you went with the default AirPods.

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